The Lighter Side Lights Up Mr.Chow’s Celebrity Wedding

Glamorous, grand and unforgettable – these words come to mind when we look back on the breathtaking event that was Michael Chow’s wedding.

Earlier this year, the famous restauranteur amicably known as Mr. Chow was married to his long-term girlfriend, Vanessa Rano, in an electric ceremony that was star-studded with familiar celebrity faces and lavish decor.

The Lighter Side team was proud to have the opportunity to provide the lighting and to put our cutting-edge technology to work through a custom LED wall which spelled out the couple’s initials.

From the sparkling ceiling filled with star-shaped mylar balloons to the dance floor kept lively by the performance by Wyclef Jean, keep reading for all the details!

The wedding was held in the First Congregational Church of Los Angeles and was as sweet and sentimental as it was characteristically snazzy.

The reception is where the real party began. It was kicked off with a live Chinese New Year Celebration, in which a traditional Chinese lion dance dazzled the crowd. It was followed by tango-dancing and hours of boogying to the beat.

In three levels of celebration, the top level was adorned with some of the world’s greatest art, with the superstar artists themselves there for the celebration. Upstairs in the art gallery, an all-girl quartet sang heavenly melodies as guests perused the galleries until it was time to eat. Finally, the downstairs main event was where all the glitz came into action with a high energy dance floor and a cake as elaborate as the couple. Giant cakes by Lauduree towered high above the guests, and food provided by Mr. Chow himself kept everyone’s appetites at bay.

From beginning to end, Mr.Chow’s wedding was a night we will never forget!